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What is a bias binding machine?

Let’s start by understanding what a bias binding is. Bias binding or bias tape is a narrow strip of cloth cut on the bias, folded once or twice, and used chiefly for finishing and decorating clothing and other kinds of accessories such as wallets, backpacks and different types of bags.

So a bias binding machine or bias binding cutter it is an equipment made to make easier the process of cutting your bias binding and also to make your bias rolls daily production considerably higher.

Now in the market we have different kinds of bias binding machines, you can find it with 1 knife or 5 knives and the number of knives will determine the number of rolls you can cut in one single process. Usually each cutting process needs an average of 3 meters of tubular fabric, but depends on you demand.

Censi Machines has the best options when it comes to bias tape machines, in the textile market for 25 years they have been known by making machines that last, the very first machines made are still being used in the textile companies. Let me introduce you to the 2 types of machines that will make your bias rolls production a way more easy:

1FA bias binding machine

It is an eletronic machine for making bias biding or bias tapes. Its estimaded production is the 60 rolls per hour. Cuts all kinds of fabrics specially the ones with a lot of elasticity. This machine allows the operator to cut 1 roll for process, also the operator can regulate the tension when cutting the fabric making the process faster and easier. This machine was designed to provide a 100% safe environment for the operator.

5FA bias binding machine

It is an automatic machine which allows you to cut up to 4 rolls of bias tape at a time. Its estimated prodution is the 100 rolls per hour. It has a exclusive knife to eliminate all the variations when cutting the fabrics, providing a higher precision. It comes with a tension regulator, a roller separator to avoid the rolls to get stuck together and its traction system provides a higher performance helping you to increase your production in less time. This machine was designed to provide a 100% safe environment for the operator.


How to cut bias binding easy?

The best way to cut bias binding is using a bias binding machine. Each one of the option I’ve introduced to you above will help you to make this process easier and faster! If you need to increase the productivity in your company or if you’re looking for a way to make an extra money, the Censi machines can absolutely help you to accomplish that. Censi makes all the machines with high quality materials producing equipments to last and with low maintenance. Learn more about it and find the best solution for you business!

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