The outstanding strategy of wallpaper companies

A big city wallpaper

Do you agree that social isolation has allowed us to travel to new places?

If you don’t agree, you must be among the minority who didn’t get bored.

But, what does boredom have to do with traveling in the middle of a pandemic?

For many people, the house had only one purpose, resting!

However, we started to focus all activities on it.

Some people joined to Pop it and others simply decided to renovate their home.

So, articles that could transport them to an intellectual journey were successful.


The big opportunity

There is only one place we all have the courage to expose our emotions.

Do you know where? For sure, it is the place that belongs to us.

In our home or even at our office desk, we tend to customize.

We know it’s not an easy task! A themed environment can require a lot of creativity or a high investment.

Realizing this “problem”, several companies bet on the wallpaper.

The vast majority with competitive prices selling only through e-commerce.

Any place with a computer and a printer has become an enterprise.

But, what was the strategy to succeed?

The large volume of companies brought a lot of competitiveness, and only a few companies stood out.

Do you know what they did? 

Once printed, the wallpaper needs to be cut into smaller rolls for retail.

But, cutting only with scissors or guillotines requires long hours of work.

In addition, it generates waste, lack of standardization and low wall fitting accuracy.

You’re thinking they’ve invested half a million in a European machine, aren’t you?

Wrong! The big deal was an equipment costing 1/3 of the price.

And more, some companies related a better performance! As it is easy to handle and maintain.

So, the bottom line is, these companies were able to streamline the cutting process by 600%.

Know more here!

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