How to hang tags on clothes? Find out which method works for you

Hang tag on t-shirt

How to hang tags on clothes?

In this article, you’ll find out how to hang tag on clothes using plastic pins.

There are several types of pins, so it’s important to understand which one will be your ally or your enemy.

We will list three different ways to carry out the process, so you will be able to identify the most suitable process for your business.

How to choose the plastic pin?

Currently, all tools for applying labels only accept pins with the same diameter, that is, you will not be able to alternate pins with different diameters.

You will find two diameter sizes on sale, called the Fast pin and the Fine pin.

plastic pins

As for the length, you can use any measure in the equipment, which normally ranges from 5mm to 80mm.

The Fast pin has a larger diameter, that is, it is thicker, and therefore, it is more suitable for applying tags on the composition label of the piece.

BUT, do you need to affix the label directly to the garment?

The only way to apply it without damaging it is with a Fine pin, as it is thinner than the Fast pin.

It is the best option when it comes to more delicate clothes, such as lingerie, fitness, swimwear.

Which needle should I use?

After defining the pin, you must choose a needle compatible with your pin.

Then choose the equipment corresponding to the pin and needle model.

They all work in harmony, so make sure they are all compatible.

Which tool works for my business?

1. Tagging gun

The most common and accessible way is through the manual tagging gun.

See how the hang tag clothes with a manual tagging gun right here.

But, calm down! It is not the best option for labeling a LARGE VOLUME.

As it could  require intensive labor for long hours of the day.

The best deal would be an upgrade for the second option.

2. Industrial tagging gun

Tagging guns are a nightmare for you? Do they break easily?

The second option is the a industrial tagging gun.

It gives you more uniformity and speed (800 pieces per hour)

In addition, you can choose between a standard or a fine needle.

See how the process is, click here.

3. Automatic tagging machine

Do you produce 50, 100 or 300 thousand pieces a month?

You are invited to meet the fastest equipment in the world, Tagpress.

It can apply up to 2,000 labels/hour, meaning it can be 300% more efficient than other methods.

It is also available in two plastic pin versions, Fine or Fast.

See how to hang tag clothes faster, Click here.

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