3 different ways to apply hang tags

Hang tag on t-shirt

Only one way really fits you! Find it out 3 different ways to apply hang tags.

In all 3 different ways to apply hang tags, fasteners are used to attach the tag to the clothing.

ATTENTION! In all ways presented here, the tool will only accept one type of needle, and your fasteners must be compatible with your chosen needle. 

Typically, hang tags are applied in the composition tag of the clothes. In this case, regular needle can be used.

BUT, do you need to apply directly to the clothes? The only way to insert it without puncturing it is with a finer needle.

Fine needles are most used for delicate garments, such as lingerie, fitness or swimwear.

It is worth mentioning that the finest needles are relatively more expensive than standard needles.

3 different ways to apply hang tags. 1. Tagging gun, 2. Industrial tagging gun, 3. Automatic tagging machine

1. Hang tagging gun

The most common and accessible way is through the manual tagging gun.

See how the process is right here.

But, calm down! It is not the best option for labeling a LARGE VOLUME.

As it could  require intensive labor for long hours of the day.

The best deal would be an upgrade for the second option.

2. Industrial tagging gun

Tagging guns are a nightmare for you? Do they break easily?

The second option is the a industrial tagging gun.

It gives you more uniformity and speed (800 pieces per hour)

In addition, you can choose between a standard or a fine needle.

See how the process is, click here.

3. Automatic tagging machine

But, if you have a high production, we suggest the fastest equipment in the world.

This one, can place up to 2,000 hanging tags per hour.

They are also available in two versions, regular and fine needle.

See how the process is, click here.

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