How to turn labor expenses into profits?

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Turn labor expenses into profits: Less labor costs and more profit in textile business

Are you the owner, production manager or the general manager? Are you being pressured for results?

We know that the fight to reduce costs is an uphill battle with all those rising costs and labor shortages.

Maybe, you have already invested a high cost in consulting on the subject, but it did bring you results.

The main reason is that the indicated costs do not have much representation in the total costs, and your product end up less competitive as it could be. But, what actually has a big representative in total company costs?

Depending on the type of industry, the biggest cost is still labor, which accounts for about 50 to 60% of the company’s total costs, according to Delloite.

Are you sure you are making efficient use of your manpower?

If you still delegate a brilliant mind, which is the human mind, to carry out repetitive processes, it is clear that you are mismanaging your workforce.

It is time to identify these processes and find a technology in order to get the human mind free for the issues that really require creativity.

An easy way to find the solution is to “Google” it and that’s it, something you didn’t even imagine existed, can be your new ally to reduce costs.

Do you only look for alternatives for your business when you feel threatened?

One thing that clients always tell us is that only after having the solution they can realize that they needed it for a long timea go.

That is, it could be well ahead of the competition, with lower production costs, or it could be very well prepared in the event of a sales surge. See that comfort can be more dangerous than a battlefield.

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